Sunday Roundtable Discussion at 10am

Sunday Service at 11:30am

Spiritual Development Classes (1st & 3rd) Tuesday's at 7:30pm-9pm

Monday Women's Call at 8pm​

Wednesday Call In Bible Study at 7pm

*Dial In 770-744-1596 

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We are pleased that your journey of faith has led you us. It is our belief and our experience that churches are places of healing and joyful living, and we hope that you experience a fullness of life as a member of this community. National Divine Spiritual Church (NDSC) is called by God to be an inclusive community of faith and worship, dedicated to Christian education and nurture so that we may go into the world to serve, work for peace and justice, and share God’s love with all people. NDSC is a special place in which you can discover, explore, and share your faith journey and your God-given gifts.

If you have any questions about NDSC, its ministries, or are interested in membership, please speak with our pastors or any of our members. We encourage you to participate in one of our Inquirer’s Classes during which you will learn about NDSC  and have time to reflect on the Christian life and faith, the role of the church in the world, and your own call by God.

Can’t wait until Sunday to ask in person? Email us at