Reverend Bobby Lee Graham, Jr. (a.k.a B.J.) was born on June 11, 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the elder son of three siblings of the Reverend Bobby & Nanella Graham, Sr. He was educated in the Atlanta Public School System, and is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, with a B.S. in Psychology. Rev. Graham has always been surrounded by ministers in the family who had a passion to work for the kingdom of God. His great-grandfather, father, and uncles have been pastors of the African Episcopal Methodist Church. His grandparents and parents were ministers of the Christian Spiritualist Church, and also having uncles who are pastors and church planters  of the United Methodist Church, Baptist Church, and other church religious affiliations. Witnessing the works of their labor in the kingdom of God inspired him to pursue his passion in Christ. Intellectually, he was eager to learn more about the gifts of the spirit as he witnessed the labor or many cherished ministers, evangelist, prophets, healers, pastors, teachers, and musicians. On June 2, 1996 at the age of fifteen he was baptized by his father Rev. Bobby Graham, Sr. On December 12, 2004 he was ordained by his father. On February 6, 2011 Rev. Graham was installed as the pastor of the Historic National DivineSpiritual Church of Atlanta, Georgia.

He is an advocate of the community and his work ethic is centered around integrity towards his fellow man with love and compassion. Subsequently, you can find me diligently assisting and counseling troubled teens, substance abusers, homeless victims, and the elderly. He is a sworn member of the Atlanta Judiciary Fourthward Restorative Board, advising teenagers and young adults that have committed minor crimes and to restore them back to society by building positive relationships and partnering with other community agencies. He is currently serving his 3rdterm as the community president for 4th & SAND of the Historic Martin Luther King District.

On June of 2014, Rev. Graham made a decision to further his leadership skills by pursuing a Master of Divinity at Columbia Theological Presbyterian Seminary in Decatur, Georgia.  This degree will education will continue to advance his spiritual and intellectual awareness as he minister to himself and others. His motto is “God has called me to serve”, thus the mission continues as he remains a sojourner, traveling through life, seeking Christ in all that he does.